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Service Design = Rapt Audience

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On March 24, more than 75 people gathered at the MaRS Discovery District to listen to Patrick Quattlebaum, Managing Director of Adaptive Path, give an interactive talk on Service Design and how it can be used to get a deep and meaningful understanding of customers and their behaviours. The talk was in support of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto as introduced by Alison Hughes.

Patrick focused his talk on the digital world and its ever-increasing presence in our lives. Knowing that the digital world isn’t going to cool down, he asked the question of how we can leverage this ongoing influence to our greatest benefit? When you break down the step-by-step experience of your customer and examine their interactions and needs at each touch point, you develop a deepened understanding of them; and in turn, can shape their experiences for the better. The audience was captivated – taking notes to capture the thoughts and ideas that Patrick was sharing or snapping pictures to document the energy of the evening.


Patrick then drove the point home by inviting a number of audience members on stage to create a walk-through of Patrick’s experience travelling to our city. Each of us was assigned a part/role in the journey and then described our interactions at that point in time. I got to be the cab driver pointing out the wonderful Greek cuisine our city has to offer (my one regret is not using saganaki – Opa!). This exercise illustrated how a well-connected journey would allow me to know that Patrick was a foodie, that he liked Greek food and that I could show him great options to help enhance his journey.


This was yet again another great evening of learning, that was held in support of a great cause. Stay tuned to this space for our next C1 Tech Series – we’re on a roll and you’re going to love it!