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Do you use Node tools such as Grunt, Gulp or Webpack to build your front-end assets? Do you use an HTTP server built with Express? Do you generate code using Yeoman? How well do you really know Node? Node.js is quickly capturing the programming world – not just the web, but IoT, drones, robots and embedded systems as well. Join us for a sneak peek of the most interesting and powerful Node.js features. It’s a fast, scalable, web-oriented, non-blocking I/O built on top of Google Chrome V8 engine. Almost every web developer uses Node or Node-based tools to some extent. However, there’s more to it than that – Node has some really powerful features worth noting.

On July 12, 2016, join us for our next C1 Tech Series in Toronto, where Azat Mardan of Capital One Technology will dive deep into the core mechanisms of the Node.js platform. We’ll review the core concept which enables the non-blocking I/O, and discuss streams, buffers and effective ways to work with data. There will be a crash course about event emitters and participants will level up their knowledge on how to fork like a pro. We’ll also discuss AsyncWrap, Domain and uncaughtException, and share tips on how to write your own C++ addons. If you’re a geek like most of us, you’ll appreciate this presentation and you’ll leave feeling more confident about the inner-workings of Node.js.

Donations will be collected for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s OneWalk to Conquer Cancer. On September 10, thousands of walkers – including cancer survivors and their supporters – will walk 25 km across Toronto to drive awareness and increase fundraising for cancer research.

Food and drinks will be provided.

Register through here to secure your spot at our next, highly anticipated C1 Tech Series!

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